Steel Dreadnought Games

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So we're back from vacation and ready to work!

Went on a cruise, and it was lovely!  Found myself ranging distances to other targets. . . I mean. . . cruise ships from the balcony of my stateroom.  I'm convinced that if some cruise line would just set up a 40mm mount on the bow, and charge people to shoot it while in the open ocean. . . . maybe even provide target buoys, that cruise line would be the most popular cruise line in the world and would practically be able to print money.  Maybe Steel Dreadnought Games should expand into the cruise industry?  Just need about a billion and a half in start up capital.  Any offers?

Anyway. . . we're back at work on our first fleet book supplement for Colonial Battlefleet.  Man vs. Machine, and we're very excited about making it available to the starship gaming community.  Naval Thunder: Rise of the Battleship II is also on deck and still planned for this year.  Check out our forums for a number of other games we are considering, and give us some suggestions of your own!

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