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Colonial Battlefleet: Cyborg Onslaught is a bundle product that includes both the Colonial Battlefleet Core Rules as well as the Man vs. Machine supplement!  Together, these two books give you everything you need to fight the heroic battles of the Colonial Fleet in their mighty battlecarriers against the ruthless and relentless Cyborg menace.

The Colonial Battlefleet Core Rules provide a foundational system that allows you to play in nearly any sci-fi style or setting, while Man vs. Machine adds some additional chrome with custom rules for the Man vs. Machine setting. For example, included in Man vs. Machine are nine new fighter profiles, cyborg computer infiltration attacks, expanded boarding action rules, and official data cards for virtually every Man vs. Machine-inspired miniature from starship manufacturers Ravenstar Studios and Fox Miniatures.

If you've ever been curious about Colonial Battlefleet, this new package deal makes it a great time to buy! Stop fleeing the Cyborgs and start kicking some ass!

Colonial Battlefleet: Cyborg Onslaught is available from Wargame Vault for only $29.95 USD right here!

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